International Lingerie Trade Show

The International Lingerie Trade Show in Las Vegas occurs twice a year.  It’s the largest such show in the world, with over 100 exhibitors and thousands of buyers who come to town for it.  And, as befits such a huge and prestigious trade show, they also have an extraordinary fashion show – one of the best real fashion shows in the country.  Hundreds of buyers attend, and the line to get in stretches for nearly 50 yards before the show opens its doors. 

Eldorado Line

For over 30 years the show has been produced by Rich Weber and creative director Sandy Ross, and typically includes 30-40 models and well over 100-160 outfits, and last over an hour.

Dreamgirls and Daisy Corsets

All the models are also dancers, and group dance routines are used several times throughout the show.  Video clips from the last show are available at

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