Interview with Contributing Photographer WestCoastAllure

We have a new contributing photographer from America’s Heartland, WestCoastAllure! GMM’s latest photographer is based in St. Louis, MO.

St. Louis, Missouri contributing photographer
St. Louis, Missouri contributing photographer


1) Where are you based?

I am based out of St. Louis, MO, but travel as much as I can. You may find me on either coast as well.

2) How long have you been a photographer?

20+ years commercially.

3) How did you get your start?

Studied photography in college, then assisted in Los Angeles, and later opened my own studio.

4) Do you like to keep your techniques a secret or do you like to share with others?

I don’t mind sharing. Shooting often and practicing is the real secret to successful images.

5) Who would you love to shoot?

Can’t really think of anyone. I enjoy working with enthusiastic models, famous or new.

6) Who is the most famous model you have shot with?

Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, and Jennifer Flavin.

7) What makes you different from the other photographers?

I am regarded as easy going and yet meticulous about details.

8) Who is your favorite photographer?

Horst, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, and Peter Lindbergh.

9) What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?

To always improve my skills.

10) What traits do you look for in a model?

Great personality, enthusiasm, and wanting to push the envelope.

Your Gear

11) Canon or Nikon?


12) What is your favorite lens to use?

Nikon 24mm – 120mm f/4 with Image Stabilization.

13) What is your Favorite Lighting Gear?

The Sun.

14) Mac or PC?


Shooting, Models, Locations

15) Do you have a favorite location to shoot?

Beaches, deserts and old farm houses.

16) Do you bring Hairstylist and Make up artist to your shoots?

For commercial work yes.

17) Do models try to play you for gimmees? If so, does it work?

Depends on the models skill and personality. If a model is genuinely interested then I will photograph with her.

18) Do you find it challenging to be around such beautiful models?

No, we are here to work and create beautuful images.

19) Do you use model mayhem?

Yes. I have found terrific and exceptional models on Model Mayhem.

20) What is your favorite social network?


21) What do you love about Facebook and what do you hate about Facebook?

Great for networking, but I dislike having to learn all the new features and changes they make.

22) What is the worst experience you can remember from a photoshoot?

The models boyfriend thought he was an art director, had to send him home.

23) Do you see a solid career for the bikini models?

Models have to do their own networking and create a fan-base to be successful. Nothing is easy in life, except failure, LOL!

24) Is there anything you want to express now that people should know about this business?

Market yourself, shoot with the best photographers you can, and always be professional. You will do fine.