Kylee Marie Jaeger and the ball chair!
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Kylee Marie Jaeger and the ball chair!

Kylee Marie Jaeger and the Ball Chair

Kylee Marie Jaeger and the Ball Chair

Kylee Marie Jaeger is one of many models who got to sit in Jay Kilgore’s ball chair! Everyone who saw and sat on the ball chair, loved it and Kylee was no exception!

Be sure and click the image at the top for the video!

We asked Jay to tell us a bit about Kylee and he had the following to say:

I met Kylee through a friend Heather. Kylee was actually the daughter of another photographer I had known via Facebook. Andrew and I had spoke about shooting together but never got the chance as he passed away at a young age. Kylee had wanted to shoot and chose me to shoot with. I was ecstatic to shoot her as I found her extremely beautiful and once I met her in person, she was dooope!

The images they shot were sure dope! We enjoy them and her look! According to Jay, they had two or three shoots and ended with drama! In Jay’s own words:

I’m a glamour guy! So I shoot glamour and sometimes erotic nudes. I had a paysite (of which I will be adding to Jay Kilgore) and featured some of my erotic work. Kylee’s ex boyfriend posted on another model I shot and successfully submitted to GMM: “Watch out for Jay, he shoots porn. I confronted him because I’m old school and he admitted he heard from Kylee that that’s what I did. I confronted Kylee…again cause I’m old school and she said she heard from someone else that that’s what I did. She apologized not because she meant it, but because she got busted out by me. She promised to come in and shoot some newer stuff but flaked out, so these images are all I have of our time together

Allow us to be the first to say while we hate the drama we love the images!

And to close it all out, here are some amazing topless images!

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