LB Gets Wet

LB Takes a Bubble Bath

GMM: So when you’re not in front of the camera what do you do?
I like to go to the beach and do yoga. I really enjoy mediating and reading books as well.

GMM:How did you get started in modeling?
I discovered Marilyn Monroe on a Whataburger wall with my family in Texas. I asked my mom who she was and she told me that she was a model/actress. I just thought she looked so glamorous and I wanted to be a model/actress ever since.

GMM: What do you enjoy most about modeling?
The freedom of creating my own schedule and being able to make amazing art!

GMM: what inspires you?
Colors, moods, scenery, costumes. I really like to get into character and become a different being every time I get behind the lens.

GMM: Where do you want your career to be in two years?
I would love to do magazine and catalog modeling. Runway would be amazing if they accepted shorter models! Also, I would really love to do high end photo shoots with a professional team for costume/makeup/hair/photography etc.

GMM: What are some of your hidden talents other than modeling?
I am very flexible, contorting is my new found love. I also do circus performance such as clowning, stilts, aerial silks/Lyra and LED/Fire hooping.

GMM: What is the best advice you can give a new model?
It is essential to create a contract between you and everyone involved with the photo shoot to ensure your safety and establish a deadline for the photos. It is very important to state clear boundaries for what kind of shoot you are looking to accomplish. Also, you should always get references for any photographer you work with. There are many creeps that buy a camera just to get models naked and keep the pictures for themselves. Don’t get talked into a nude/implied shoot if that is not what you agreed to prior to the shoot.

GMM: As a model, what would you say has been your biggest obstacle?
Obtaining edited photos in a timely and respectable manner. There’s nothing worse then doing a shoot to show off a cute new hairstyle and not receiving those photos until months after the hairstyle has grown out and faded. Always create a contract and get it signed!

GMM: If you had to walk away from modeling today, what memory would you take from it?
All the adventures of the different locations I got to shoot at. I love climbing in and out of things just get that perfect shot.

Photo Credits:

Hoa Jessie Cao
Model Mayhem