Carolin shot by Glamour Model Magazine Staff Photographer Roger Talley

Staffer Roger Talley sent us this lovely lady a few days ago. Waiting for the perfect time, we decided to feature her today! Lets take a few and get to know multi talented Carolin as told through Staffer Rogers eyes:

Roger, how did you meet this lady?


I was shooting a fashion editorial early last year, and the designer hired the models.  I hadn’t met any of them, hadn’t even heard of any of them.   So I had to trust her judgment.


Sounds…SCARY!! How did it go?


She had good judgment.  One of the models was Carolin. All 5’11” of her.  Legs.  Lots and lots of legs.  But we were shooting a hat story, so I didn’t get to shoot the legs.  Since then I’ve seen and photographed her in several fashion shows, but always wearing long dresses.  Frustrating.


Why frustrating? What did you have in mind?


When she came over to shoot in May of this year, “legs were on the agenda”.


Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?


You might want to know a little bit of Carolin’s story.  It’s an interesting one.  She was born in Germany, studied English starting in the fifth grade.  As she turned 20 it was time to make an extended visit to the United States, and she got a job working for Disney in Florida.  When that contract expired she got a scholarship to go to college in Florida; and after getting her degree in theater arts spent two years in fellowships in conservatories in Los Angeles and New York City.  She can sing, act, play instruments – oh, and model.


What was something, other than her beauty, you noticed right away?


Since she moved to Las Vegas she has had a string of corporate modeling jobs, and frequently shows up in fashion shows around town.  She also is commonly hired at Skin City body painting as a model.


Where can we see more of her?

If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?


So “glamour model” is hardly the only skill on Carolin’s resume, but it turns out she is really good at it.  The performing skills help, her outgoing personality helps, that she’s really pretty helps.  And those legs, they help a lot!





About The Author

Former contributing photographer

Roger grew up in Vancouver, BC, then joined the US Air Force, where he worked as a linguist and intelligence officer. He also spent years working as an Aerospace engineer for Lockheed Martin. Along the way, Roger got a degree in photography, which he used with the Air Force, but also began working as a photojournalist, commercial and fashion photographer. He has shot 75 TV ads, and stopped counting a long time ago at his 200th editorial tear sheet. For five years Roger owned and operated a model agency in New York City, and now lives and works with photography and models in Las Vegas. He is the author of a book on modeling,, and is the primary author of the modeling advice website

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