Playboy’s Christy Nicole

Today we feature Playboy’s Christy Nicole of Dallas, Texas. Shot by Staffer Jay of Studio Zinc, Christy Nicole is no let down let me tell you! With an amazing look and killer body, Christy Nicole has moves better than Jagger! Let’s take a moment and talk to Jay to get the dirt on Christy Nicole

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Hair & makeup by Nijia Britt. Wardrobe styling by Ariel Tunwar

: Who is this lovely lady?

JayCristy Nicole, she is a model from Dallas & has shot for Playboy a few times previously.

GMM: When did you guys shoot?

JayThis editorial shoot was shot on June 23rd, 2012

GMM: How many times total did you guys shoot?

JayThis shoot took about 3 hours including hair & makeup time, this was out first shoot together, after that we shot 3 other times for various projects I believe, another editorial shoot for a Japanese magazine, a bikini shoot and a portfolio project..

GMM: Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?

JayCristy was great, she moves well, is very natural and can be herself, which are all things I look for when choosing a model, I dont go very posed