Serving up some Ashley!

This feature has been months in the making! Every time it was scheduled to run, Jay would say hold off, we’re serving up some Ashley and nothing happened! We’re going to move forward with our feature of Ashley and if you like her, maybe she will be featured in the print edition? Let’s get to know the story behind Ashley:


GMM: Jay, tell us about Ashley?

Jay: Ashley is awesome!.

GMM: O.K., not really what I was looking for. How did you meet her?

Jay: Haha, I know. I actually met her via Facebook.

GMM: Out of the thousands of girls you’re friends with, why Ashley?

Jay: Right away I noticed what natural beauty she had. And she seemed tall. And her smile. CONTAGIOUS! 

GMM: Yes, you do know how to pick them. When you contacted her, how did it go?

Jay: I reached out to her and told her I wanted to shoot her. She was interested but said her “Mom” had questions for me. 

GMM: What was “Mom” like?

Jay: I thought over-protective, but I have daughters of my own, so I can usually turn a blind eye to that stuff. I had a feeling it wasn’t “Mom”, though.

GMM: So the first time you met her was the shoot?

Jay: No! Actually, later that day I went to her job where she was a server. I saw this really tall, leggy beautiful blonde and told my buddy that I wanted to shoot her too. Milly used to work there and said Ashley was working and that she was asking questions about me. I told Milly that when Ashley had a minute, come over and say “Hi”.

GMM: Did she come over?

Jay: Absolutely. And she was the tall, leggy, beautiful blonde that I was just commenting to my buddy about! I’m sure when she first saw me, she thought I was odd as I stumbled over my words ha-ha.

GMM: Nice! Did you guys discuss your shoot?

Jay: Yes we did. And she apologized for her Mom and her questions.

GMM: So it really was Mom?

Jay: YES! Yes, it was!.

GMM: So how’d the shoot go?

Jay: Shoot was awesome! Mom showed up and was very suspect of me. Apprehensive to say the least. 

GMM: Mom get in the way? Did Ashley “Kill it” as you like to say?

Jay: No, Mom was a sweet-heart actually. I thought she was the Bee’s knees! Actually, prior to our shoot, Ashley said she was O.K. with implied topless. At the end of the shoot Mom kept asking her about it and directing her what outfits would work best. 

GMM: Nice! How come we don’t have those photos here on her feature?

Jay: At the end of the day, Ashley wasn’t comfortable and feared her then boyfriend and his thoughts on it. So we skipped it. 

GMM: So what about her do you remember most?

Jay: Her smile. Her natural smile is absolutely gorgeous and I found myself saying tons of stupid things just to get it. And before you ask, no, I won’t share photos of it. You’ll just have to meet her and see for yourself! And as far as her mom is concerned, she approved of me. She said she was glad she did as if she didn’t, she had no quams about shooting me. She had her pistol on her. I actually got a thank you email from her mom a few hours after the shoot and the next day.