Today we feature Thailand beauty Kanda. Kanda is a gorgeous model not only lives up to your expectations, but she also has a Lolita youthful look to her! Never one to disappoint, Staffer Roger Talley knocked this set out of the park and we’re excited to bring this to you!


GMM: Who is this lovely lady?

Roger: Her name is Kanda and she is a fashion and glamour model in Bangkok, Thailand.

GMM: When did you guys shoot?

Roger: In the middle of December of 2013, during a trip I took to Asia.

GMM: How many times total did you guys shoot?

Roger: Twice. Once in Kao Yai, in the jungle and a nature resort, and again in Pattaya Beach.

GMM: Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?

Roger: Absolutely.  Kanda is a beautiful girl, and a very cooperative and skilled model.

GMM: What was something, other than her beauty, you noticed right away?

Roger: It was her age. Only I was wrong. To look at her in person, especially without makeup, she looks like she is about 15. Turns out she is 24, and just has a very young look.

GMM: What is something you remember most of this model?

Roger: Her long hair!

GMM: What is something this model taught you?

Roger: She was willing to do uncomfortable things.  Drag stuff around in the jungle, pose on top of plants and bugs, and get into very cold water for the shoots.

GMM: Is this model still modeling?

Roger: Yes, very much so.

GMM: If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?

Roger: Absolutely.  I don’t know if I will have the chance – I don’t get to Thailand all that often, and it’s not feasible for her to come to the US to model. But she is well worth working with again.

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