Staff Photographer Roger Talley

You know it’s going to be a great day when GMM presents you with great news! We would like to give a whole hearted welcome to Staff Photographer Roger Talley! If you don’t know Roger, you don’t know fashion! As one of the most respected industry fashion guru’s, Roger is the brains behind New Models website as well as agency photographer! Roger has shot for most, if not all, the major agencies in the U.S. Let’s take a moment to get to know Roger:

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GMM: How long have you been a photographer?

Roger T: Since 1969.  First professional commercial job was in 1974.

GMM: How did you get your start?
Roger T: Funny story.  My new wife wanted pretty pictures of herself, and wanted me to take them.  I had no idea how to do that, but did have a good camera that I had bought overseas simply because it was cheap.  She made me learn, with her as the primary model.  We ended up buying more lenses, backdrops, lights . . . and by the time I got good at it, we got divorced

GMM: Do you like to keep your techniques a secret or do you like to share with others?

Roger T: I don’t think there are any secrets in photography.  I’m happy to share what I know.

GMM: Who would you love to shoot?

Roger T: Emily Ratajkowski.

GMM: Who is the most famous model you have shot with?

Roger T: Several well-known agency models in New York.

GMM: Who is your favorite photographer?

Roger T: Richard Avedon

GMM: What makes you different from the other photographers?

Roger T: I don’t know that I am.  I just do what I love doing, and lots of photographers do that.

GMM: Who is your favorite photographer?

Roger T: Richard Avedon.

GMM: What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?

Roger T: At this point in my life, to keep doing what I love doing for a lot longer.

Your Gear

GMM: Canon or Nikon?

Roger T: Nikon, ever since 1972.

GMM: What is your favorite lens to use?

Roger T: Most commonly the Nikon 24-200 f4.

GMM: What is your Favorite Lighting Gear?

Roger T: In the studio I use Speedotron, mostly because I started with that 40 years ago and just kept growing the lighting suite.  On location Norman batter powered lights.

GMM: Mac or PC?

Roger T: PC

Shooting, Models, Locations

GMM: Do you have a favorite location to shoot?

Roger T: I do a lot of studio work, but really prefer location shooting.  Part of the challenge is figuring out how to make best use of the place, the light, and the model.

GMM: Do you bring Hairstylist and Make up artist to your shoots?

Roger T: Most of the time, yes.  For some shoots that won’t use close ups, if the model is proficient I may let her do it.

GMM: Do models try to play you for gimmees? If so, does it work?

Roger T: If the “gimme” is pictures, it always works.  Then again, often models bring food for us to the shoot, which I appreciate.  I will do damned near anything for free food.

GMM: Do you find it challenging to be around such beautiful models?

Roger T: No, not at all.  Been around them for a very long time.

GMM: Do you use model mayhem?

Roger T: No.

GMM: What is your favorite social network?

Roger T: Facebook, by far.  The photography/modeling/arts community in Las Vegas uses it heavily to network and set up events and shoots.

GMM:What do you love about Facebook and what do you hate about Facebook?

Roger T: I really don’t have a problem with facebook.  It works well for my needs.  I would like it if they weren’t so quick to censor photos, but I understand their position and can live within their rules.

GMM: Do you think photographers get a bad rap?

Roger T: Everybody gets a bad rap.  Photographers, models, everyone in the creative world.  It’s part of the game.

GMM: What is the worst experience you can remember from a photoshoot?

Roger T: The time a model’s escort/aunt turned out to be an alcoholic who got sloppy drunk from a bottle she had brought to the shoot, and became more than a little unruly.

GMM: Do you see a solid career for the bikini models?

Roger T: For some of them, to be sure.  They pretty much have to be in the right places (Los Angeles and Miami seem to be the best, Las Vegas is pretty good), but there is a market for them.

GMM: Is there anything you want to express now that people should know about this business?

Roger T: I’ve done that in detail on my modeling advice site at