Teresa is back

About two years ago I started working with a makeup artist that I have come to respect and like a lot:  Katherine Sanchez.  We did several shoots together that resulted in magazine articles, and have collaborated on lots of projects together.

One day she mentioned she had a sister, a hair stylist, that she thought we could use for a story we were working on.  Sure, I trust her recommendation, so the next shoot she brought Teresa over. Pretty girl.  Brought her back the next shoot.  She looked better.  Turns out she had had a baby just before that first meeting, and was still working on getting her weight down and in shape.

By the next shoot we did together she was ready.  Would I like to shoot some lingerie with her?  You bet!  So we set it up.

For this shoot we had Cierra Laidler, a local fashion designer come over with some of her creations.  Teresa wanted to show the world she’s back after her pregnancy.

World, Teresa’s back!

(credits: Model Teresa Sanchez, Makeup/Hair Katherine Sanchez, outfits by Cierra Laidler)