AmandaSue and Ashley
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AmandaSue and Ashley

Amanda Sue and Ashley Denver mush girls

Amanda Sue and Ashley are two ladies I met while in Denver, CO. Amanda contacted me after seeing my work with Audrey. Our conversations were pleasant and to the point which is always a great thing. In our discussions, Amanda wanted to shoot something more sexy than Audrey, so she said they were going to shoot topless. The day of the shoot shows up and their inexperience to the modeling profession was evident. They showed up with wrinkled clothes and no makeup. At all.

After the shoot, Ashley started texting me as well and we really started discussing modeling. I had rented out a studio and they wanted to shoot again right away. I let a few weeks go by and decided to have them in for a “Maxim” shootout. I had told them that it was an implied workshop so no topless. At the workshop, they did one outfit lingerie and topless the rest. It was here that Amanda admitted she was actually a red head! She showed me her unmentionable areas so that I could see she really was. Why a red head would die their hair is crazy to me!

They were back at a shoot that featured Maeggy, Ember Bryce, Krystin, and another wannabe model named Pandora. Pandora, Amanda Sue and Ashley were closer friends than the other girls so their giggling and having fun became more than the other models could handle. At the end of the shootout, Maeggy and Kirsten stuck around to shoot and kept commenting on how unprofessional and annoying the three girls were.


After that shoot, I hadn’t spoken to either girl in some time. I knew they went on to do some other modeling and did the normal circuit for Colorado models and eventually burning out due to so many shoots/requests. I moved from Colorado and went back to visit. I met up with Ashley, who said Amanda as in school to become a teacher and not much interested in modeling. She was doing promotion events and that she wanted to shoot. We shot once and that was the last time



She hit me up a few  years ago for general conversations. I’ve not spoken to either of them in years!

Amanda Sue and Ashley will be in the members area of GMM!

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