April Berry is a legend

April Berry is a legend in the Midwest and finding growing recognition on the coasts.  Too short, at 5’6”, to be a major fashion model; doesn’t do nudes (although implied nudes are fine), which cuts her out of a lot of glamour work, and yet she is in demand and as busy as a professional model can be.  Being really pretty helps, having an outgoing and go-getter personality helps even more.  And having superlative skills as a model is the icing on a very tasty Berry-cake.

As if her modeling were not enough, April has a group of models that she coaches and books on group shoots in the Midwest. She is also a photographer under the name Blind Girl Photography because her uncorrectable vision is 20:200 and she is completely color blind.  Still, she regularly books portrait and wedding photography work   It’s that April characteristic:  if she wants to do something, she finds a way.

I first became aware of April four years ago when I saw some pictures of her on the Internet and flew her out to Las Vegas.  She spent several days here, and we became good friends.  Since then I have traveled back to her home in Creve Couer. Illinois, and she has come to Las Vegas again.

This trip was a busy one for her, and I only had a half an hour with her in the mountains before the sun went down. 

Vegas Team: Hair and Makeup by Perla Capetillo of VaVoom studios of Las Vegas

April Berry being free in the mountains of Las Vegas
April Berry being free in the mountains of Las Vegas



So tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is April Berry and I’m a Model, photographer, modeling coach, event coordinator, etc… I was born in Normal Grew up in Central Illinois Have spent time living in KY, Five words to describe me? Thoughtful driven weird energetic experienced. I’m an Aries, all the way. Stubborn, Hyper, all the good n bad! My best assets would be my ability to emote and skills in posing and others agree!

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

having the opportunity to help create art.

What is the funniest thing to happen to you on a shoot?

…Well, I DID fall into the IL river. YUCK!

What are the top three things you enjoy shooting?

Creative beauty, editorial fashion, PRINT!

Do you enjoy the constant attention from being a glamour model?

Um, duh :).

Take us through your getting ready to model routine?

OK so its PLAN > ORGANIZE > PACK > TRAVEL > ORGANIZE shower; shave, exfoliate, wash, condition, condition some more and some more! moisturize stuff, deoderize stuff, blowdry stuff, pluck stuff makeup!; prime, cover, conceal, powder, brows, contour, blush, eye prime, shadows, lotsa blending!, liners, lashes, mascara, don’t forget the lips by the way! oh, then there’s hair styling wash, rinse, repeat any and all steps as often as needed

What is the best info you can give a new model?

just have common sense. its all you really need