Cameo shot by Jay Kilgore


Cameo visited Jay way back in July of 2011 and he’s been after her ever since! With a blended look mix of Sandra Bullock  and Sofía Vergara, Cameo’s glamour body is one to die for! Let’s get to know Camo from Jay’s point of view!

Cameo lounging on a love sack rocking the corset
Cameo lounging on a love sack rocking the corset

Jay, tell us about Cameo?

Cameo is a beautiful Latina from Denver, CO.

When did you guys meet? Shoot?

We met and shot July of 2011. I had first contacted her way back in about 2007 or 2008. She had gotten tons of offers of shoots and only did one. Then she dropped off the face of the earth and resurfaced. I jumped on the chance and hit her up. She made time for me and we shot!

How many times have you guys shot?

Just the one.

What about her made you want to shoot?

I know what the viewers are thinking and no, that’s not it. When I contacted her, she didn’t have those…blessings lol. I thought she was super beautiful. I had seen selfies from her long before #sexyselfies were the thing. When she showed up, she was more mature and more curvy and I loved that even more about her!

Do you guys still talk?

Sadly, no. I had reached out to her over the  years and a few times we setup a time to shoot and she flaked, others she let me know she was too busy to make it but that we would schedule something at a later time. It was one of those things that shooting wasn’t important to her and I didn’t want to continue hitting her up forcing her to come up with excuses.

When was the last you spoke?

We spoke last about a year ago? You’ve spoken to her more recently than I have!  *Editors Note: I reached out to her and she said she would get back to me with a shoot time. A few months later she got back to me and said she was busy. I understood and moved on.

If you shot her again, how would it be different?

I don’t think I’d change a thing! We had a blast and got great images, this is all I request from my sessions.


Anything you learned from Cameo?

Yes! I learned to shoot any and everything you can at the first session as there may not be a second one.  I have a rule that my shoots last about hour and half to two hours. After that time I usually get bored or the model starts to get tired and it kills the energy and quality of the photos. We hit two hours and she was perfectly fine and wanted to shoot more, I had said let’s get together in a few weeks, she agreed. That was three, almost four years ago. Now days, I shoot everything now and  if the model is lacking energy, we can book another session and redo. She will know what poses I want for that specific outfit and where we need to go.