Curvy Kayla Poulton




Curvy Kayla Poulton graces our pages from across the pond, Devon, England. This perfectionist and dancer is as fun as she is dedicated to her craft! Let’s take a moment and get to know more about our featured model:

GMM: So tell us a bit about yourself:

Caring, ditsy, perfectionist, bubbly, worrier. I am a typical cancer, loving faithful can over react and be moody sometimes but I am also very stubborn. I’m a Dancer/Dance teacher/ Model from Devon, England.


Tell us about your modeling career?

I had to get my dance portfolio done and the photographer said I was a natural and I should think about doing it professionally and I should start by looking at model mayhem. So i did! 😉 I get loads of compliments about my legs or my curves.  I love trying to make a story with a single photo. And also seeing people reactions when they see the photo. My dress size:10 bra size: 34dd shoe size:5. Glamour, portrait and beauty are my favorite styles of modeling. I am quite a shy person really and I get quite embarrassed and bashful but I do love it deep down and would hate if I didn’t get it.

Where do you want your career to be in two years?

I would love to be on the front cover of a well none magazine and also inspiring younger woman to embrace and love your curves.


What are some of your hidden talents other than modeling?

Well I am also a dancer! I danced in quite a few countries… Mexico, Canada, Spain to name a few. And I also danced in the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.  And I  am very talented at SHOPPING!!


Take us through your getting ready to model routine?

Ok… So the night before I will pack my things have a shower shave ect and also fake tan.

Then the morning of the shoot I will sort my hair in curler or something. (Depending on if I have a hair stylist or know.) I will also have a look at the mood board the photographer has sent me to understand the look and style we are going for.

Then I will get to the shoot put my music on and I get super nervous so I will try and just zone out and sort my make up and hair out. Then let the pouting begin!


What is the best info you can give a new model?

I have created a different personality (an ultra ego) when I shoot. As I do get nervous and I’m not as confident as I should be. I think everyone should have a Sacha fierce (beyonces ultra ego) within them!

Where can we see more of you?

Of course I need to give you guys my twitter: @poultonKayla Instagram: @kaylap19 and my Facebook: KaylaLeannePoulton follow me, add me, like me!!