The Exotic Keana of Cali

Today we feature the Exotic Keana of Cali. With an amazing look and wonderful body, Keana had a chance to shoot with GMM Staffer Ryan. Let’s take a moment to get to know more about this session with Keana

GMM: Who is this lovely lady?

Ryan: This Lovely girl is Keana Nelson.

GMM: When did you guys shoot?

Ryan: Keana and I shot a couple months ago in Malibu CA.

GMM: How many times total did you guys shoot?

Ryan: I was lucky enough to get 1 shoot with this beauty.

GMM: Did she live up to your expectation when it came to modeling?

Ryan: Keana had let me know she hadn’t had much modeling experience and she modeled like a Pro! Very much a natural! He exceeded expectations!.

GMM: What was something, other than her beauty, you noticed right away?

Ryan: Keana has a definitive look. She was very laid back and easy to work with! I believe she got her down to earth chill personality from her time living in Hawaii!

GMM: What is something you remember most of this model?

Ryan:  I’ll never forget Keana for her absolutely natural abilities as a model

GMM: What is something this model taught you?

Ryan: Keana taught me that sometimes the unknown model with little experience and a good look can be much better than the tarnished attitude and bad habits of a model more experienced in this industry.

GMM: Is this model still modeling?

Ryan: I don’t believe Keana wants to pursue modeling as a career.

GMM: If you had the chance to do it all over, would you?

Ryan: I would not hesitate to shoot again with the stunning Keana Nelson.