GMM Staff Photographer Suicide & Redemption

We would like to officially welcome GMM Staff Photographer Suicide & Redemption to the GMM family! Pat has been shooting for 20+ years and with a self inflicted need to improve even more, S&R is a photographer’s photographer! This Aussie native living in GA has no shortage of beauties and we’re happy he’s sharing them with us all! Let’s take a moment to get to know S&R:

Model Mayhem | Website | Twitter | Tumblr

GMM: How long have you been a photographer?
Pat: Have been shooting now going on 24 years.

GMM:: How did you get your start?
Pat: My Grandfather got me started back when I was a child with an old Kodak Box Camera.

GMM: Do you like to keep your techniques a secret or do you like to share with others?
Pat: Oh no I don’t mind sharing with others my workflow & techniques

GMM: Who would you love to shoot?
Pat: Now thats a tough one, I’d have to say Penelope Cruz.

GMM: Who is the most famous model you have shot with?
Pat: After 24 years I truly have no idea so many to remember

GMM: What makes you different from the other photographers?
Pat: I like the works to stand aout & stand alone. To grab the viewers attention & hold it.

GMM: Who is your favorite photographer?
Pat: Jeffery Scott of 1090 Studios.

GMM: What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?
Pat: To expand the works,better the works and stay ahead of the changing scene & styles. To develope the works and push them further.

GMM: What traits do you look for in a model?
Pat: Dependability, Ability to take direction, Motivation & Drive

Your Gear

GMM: Canon or Nikon?
Pat: I use Canon , Nikon and my prize Hasselbald.

GMM: What is your favorite lens to use?
Pat: That would have to be the 50mm 1.4.

GMM: What is your Favorite Lighting Gear?
Pat: I have several diff brands but Paul C Buff would be my flagship lighting.

GMM: Mac or PC?
Pat: Dell PC main comp/Wacom tablet & Mac for my travel Laptop.

Shooting, Models, Locations

GMM: Do you have a favorite location to shoot?
Pat: I prefer location over studio unless I’m working on artworks or need 100% lighting control. I personally love abandoned factories.

GMM: Do you bring Hairstylist and Make up artist to your shoots?
Pat: I do when asked for & sometimes the model brings her own.

GMM:Do models try to play you for gimmees? If so, does it work?
Pat: They have tried but I’m very adimant on these and strict.

GMM: Do you find it challenging to be around such beautiful models?
Pat: Not at all. I usually get along with everyone & promote a fun ,safe working enviorment always.

GMM: Do you use model mayhem?
Pat: Yes I sure do! Click here

GMM: What is your favorite social network?
Pat: I use Twitter & Tumblr & FB.

GMM: What do you love about Facebook and what do you hate about Facebook?
Pat: I love the instant acess & messaging with clients and advertisment, I disslike the unreliable & flaky models& I only do this for fun wanna be models.

GMM: Do you think photographers get a bad rap?
Pat: I do based on a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch outlook.

GMM: What is the worst experience you can remember from a photoshoot?
Pat: Backing off a boat dock with my Hassy into mobile bay

GMM: Do you see a solid career for the bikini models?
Pat: I do as long as they stay dedicated to the works & show up for their shoots and stay serious

GMM: Is there anything you want to express now that people should know about this business?
Pat: is not easy, Then again nothing worth having will come easy