Playboy model Carlotta Champagne

Today we feature Playboy model Carlotta Champagne. Staff Photographer Jay Kilgore shot Carlotta way back in 2009. What made this shoot so special for Jay wasn’t the obvious, it was what was not conveyed. If you’re not familiar with Carlotta, she’s been featured in the several Playboy Special Editions, Playboy magazine and Playboy online. Let’s corner Jay and have him tell us about Carlotta.

Name: Carlotta Champagne

Occupation: Playboy Model/Glamour Model

Site: Official webpage of Carlotta Champagne

GMM: Jay, how did this shoot come to fruition?

Jay: I had been teaching workshops for sometime and wanted to do something DIFFERENT! Something big, amazing.

GMM: So you contacted Carlotta and then what?

Jay: She said yes.

GMM: Yes, of course she did. But how did it go?

Jay: I spent a LOT of time looking over the Playboy girls that were available at that time and always ended up back on Carlotta’s page. I contacted her and she was interested.

GMM: You contacted her people?

Jay: No, I don’t do “People” well. I go right to the source. I don’t have time to wait and see. I want an answer right away, or that is my answer. Carlotta was extremely pleasant, patient and about business as well.

GMM: So she agreed and came out to Denver, then what?

Jay: Yes, I got her plane ticket, hotel and everything. She was here as a guest model to me, so I was nervous since I didn’t want her working with everyone that didn’t want to come to my workshop. Like a champ she denied all the guys who begged her to forgo her contract with me.

GMM: You’re big for saying “Models should look like Models 100% of the time” Did Carlotta?

Jay: YES!! I brought my wife and baby at the time, to pick her  up. I went to use the rest room and her plane was a bit late. When I came out, I saw this beautiful woman with huge bug glasses. She was talking to my wife and I went to introduce myself, tell her I was waiting for Carlotta Champagne and we should shoot sometime. Turns out it was Carlotta!

GMM: She was out for the workshop for how many days?

Jay: Three days total.

GMM: What was something you remember most about her?

Jay: Carlotta is glamour! She’s curvy and beautiful and moves EXCELLENTLY! She needed no direction and moved effortlessly. I also found her VERY easy to talk to. She knew the business. Like KNEW, knew it. She wasn’t fake at all. We talked about Glamour and the crazy and fun of it all. She told me model horror stories and I told her photog horror stories and we laughed. She told me there was a local photographer who tried to make her change her mind about coming out here. That he told her I was a bad person. She told me she didn’t respond to him, she had no interest in wasting time on people like that. She said it spoke more to him as a photographer, than me as a business and human person. I thought that was awesome.

GMM: Anything else about Carlotta we should know?

Jay: She’s an amazing person and looks as good four hours off a plane as she does with eight hours sleep. If you’re a photographer and want to take your work to the way next level, you MUST work with Carlotta. If you’re a model and want to see how to OWN and COMMAND a set, watch videos and photos of Carlotta and learn.