Beta Juliet 3

During a fun resort trip to Palm Springs, CA, Editor Sal W. Hanna met up with Beta Juliet. This hole in one is quite the score ! Beta Juliet rocks a set of pink hip hugger shorts and a tiny checkered top while being every golfers dream.

Modeling has been my only passion aside from baking, ever since I started. What made me start? I discovered Lauren Wk and wanted to be just like her. It may sound weird, but she just inspired me so much, and still does. I hope to model as long as I possibly can, as I said before it’s one of my greatest passions. I started in 2011, and even now still feel as though I’m constantly learning and bettering myself. I guess my main goal before I retire would be to become a well known model. That would be pretty awesome. And once I do retire, I’m opening my own bakery so I can live out my other passion.

Let’s take a peak at this lovely doll:

Photographer: Sal W. Hanna

Model: Beta Juliet

Post Production Assistant: Tatiana Marie

About The Author

Sal W. Hanna is a respected author, photographer and publisher. As a natural light specialist, Sal has been able to incorporate his unique perspective of light in live event settings to studio settings. With many national clients, He has named unique style as "Fashionable Boudoir" and it has made him a well sought after photographer!

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