Boudoir by Sal

Hole in One with Beta Juliet


Beta Juliet 3

During a fun resort trip to Palm Springs, CA, Editor Sal W. Hanna met up with Beta Juliet. This hole in one is quite the score ! Beta Juliet rocks a set of pink hip hugger shorts and a tiny checkered top while being every golfers dream.

Modeling has been my only passion aside from baking, ever since I started. What made me start? I discovered Lauren Wk and wanted to be just like her. It may sound weird, but she just inspired me so much, and still does. I hope to model as long as I possibly can, as I said before it’s one of my greatest passions. I started in 2011, and even now still feel as though I’m constantly learning and bettering myself. I guess my main goal before I retire would be to become a well known model. That would be pretty awesome. And once I do retire, I’m opening my own bakery so I can live out my other passion.

Let’s take a peak at this lovely doll:

Photographer: Sal W. Hanna

Model: Beta Juliet

Post Production Assistant: Tatiana Marie