Backdrop Outlet

Backdrop Outlet is the industry’s leader in backdrops! Used by photographers from across the world, Backdrop Outlet had humble beginnings in Chicago and has moved their operation to California. If they know it or not, EVERY photographer has used a Backdrop Outlet created or inspired backdrop! Be sure and check them out and lets learn more about them:

Backdrop Outlet was founded in 1991. We started the company trying to provide the Photographers a quality product at unbelievable price without sacrificing service. Since then our selection has grown immensely. We are one of the largest providers of Photographic Backdrops, Props and studio equipment. We are considered to be the innovators of new products. We have recently moved to a new warehouse to better serve the needs of our customers. The new expanded showroom will display most of our products, and the new Studio at the new location will also serve as a learning center. We are excited about this move and we feel that our customers will benefit as well. Should you be looking for something beyond our current line, please do not hesitate to ask our Customer service. We are quite adept at finding new sources to fulfill all of your needs.