Laying with Liz
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Laying with Liz

Elizabeth White of Denver, CO

I met Liz back in 2013. She was like many girls in Denver: she wanted to come in and get some great photos. She was friends with many of the girls I was shooting at the time and when she hit me up to shoot, I said yes.

She showed up with a friend, and of course her friend was hot and not as nervous so I wanted to shoot her too. But we shot and had fun. It was the first time she had shot and she had the bug.

We kept in contact and she said she wanted to shoot again. We set it up and she showed up with her hot friend and we shot more implied stuff:

Around that time, I really wanted to shoot more couples photos and had Ryan who was down. She really expressed an interest in being the female model, but at the time I was sick of “implied” topless and dealing with tucking in and “OH MY GOD! THE WORLD KNOWS I HAVE A NIPPLE!” type shoot so it never worked out. After about two days, I started getting a lot of Facebook notifications that my images had been reported. She contacted me with a silly story that her sister was being difficult and reporting the photos. I didn’t argue with her, but know it was suspect. I’ve not talked to her since turning down her offer to shoot with Ryan.

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